Life is Short

Life is short, so live it, Is no time for holding back. don’t give up, don’t just quit, Time won’t cut one any slack. this is not a time for hate, ForĀ  pointless petty grudges. Happiness is what we need, to truly live life at all. And, with a good life lead, Love for one, […]


Obstacles and dreams go hand-in-hand, to achieve them means to overcome. those who succeed are those that stand, not just sit waiting for them to come. Stand on the mountain and own your self, and leap to a life of achievement. fears and snubs won’t keep it on the shelf, When the passion for it […]


Moments of comfort and pleasure, like your bed on a rainy day, those impossible to measure that leave you complete in some way. Being with the people you love, after an absence much too long, it envelopes you like a glove, and feels sweeter than any song. Cookies baking, the aroma. So sweet with just […]